Little Falls Savings Plan

Plan Features and Highlights

  • Easy to use
  • No waiting periods
  • No limits on use
  • No claim forms to complete
  • Group Rates available
  • LFS is not a discount program

Silver Plan: One year dental discount plan: 35-50% off on all dental work.
Individual Member Fee $104.
Family Member Fee $160. Up to 4 Family Member.

Gold Plan: One year dental discount plan. 35-50% off on all dental work.
Plus 2 Cleaning and X-ray per year. Individual Member Fee $400

Plan Summary
The cost of health care keeps rising making it more difficult for you to pay for the essential care you and your family need to stay healthy. However, because minor health care issues can lead to serious and more expensive problems if left untreated, it is best to not skip preventative care or delay necessary treatment due to cost. The good news is that we can help make health care more affordable.

LFS Patient Direct is an easy and inexpensive way for you and you family to save money a on dental services that you need.


     Procedure Description             Usual Fee                      Discounted Fee  
             (for Plan Members)         
    Routine 6 Month Check-up            $60                         $38
    In Depth Check-Up            $125                         $59
    Full Mouth X-Rays            $144                         $102
    Four Bitewing X-Rays            $70                         $46
    Panoramic Film            $132                         $102
    Adult Teeth Cleaning            $102                         $77
    Child Teeth Cleaning            $77                         $54
    Protective Sealant/Tooth            $66                         $45
    1 Surface White filling For U or L Front Tooth            $185                         $117
    Single crown-Porcelain on High Noble Metal            $1,227                         $938
    Core Build-Up with pins            $315                         $215
    Root Canal Treatment– Bicuspid            $967                         $880
    Root Canal Treatment– Molar            $1,170                         $1,050
    Perio Scaling and Root Planning (Per Quadrant)            $285                         $180
    Full Upper Denture            $1,855                         $1,150
   Single Tooth Removal– Simple Extraction            $197                         $138


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